American curl for sale.

American curl for sale. Kittens of this unusual and distinctive breed are actually born with straight ears, the tips starting to curl from between two to ten days, curling and uncurling until they ‘set’ permanently at about four months old.

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American curl for sale. The look of the ears has sometimes been compared to that of the lynx. Due to the elaborate tufting within the swept-back formation. But there is no known connection to this type of wild cat. This breed is of medium size, with adults weighing between 7 – 10 lb on average. And the only difference between the semi-longhaired and shorthaired varieties is the coat length.

All American Curls come in an amazingly wide range of patterns including self. (one solid colour), tortie, smoke, pointed, shaded, tipped, tabby and bi-colour. Within each coat pattern is a wide palette of recognised coat colours. Including black, chocolate, red, blue, lilac, cream and white.

The eyes are large and round, and can be any colour, though usually link to the coat colour and pattern. The tail is full length, usually equal to the length of the body. and in the longhaired variety the tail will show a full plume.

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    • The American Curl originates from the standard domestic household pet in North America, with the exception of a striking mutation of ears that curl back from the top of the head, pointing towards the back, which gives the cat an expression of utter amazement. They are vaccinated and had routine worming and flea treatment with advocate.  spayed and is microchipped…
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